When the name Steven Root appeared on the prospect list, a few of the office space staffers wondered if it was Milton looking for his red  stapler (that contest has ended and we are about to award red staplers). The actor who played Milton Waddams in the movie “Office Space” was actually Stephen Root. When you hear a name over the phone, it is sometimes hard to think of alternate spellings.

Upon learning this, our webmaster found that many of the Telsec staff had never seen or heard of the  movie “Office Space” until Telsec’s Toronto office space webmaster started to make correlations between our product and the name of the movie. In fact,  in the next few weeks, the staff of Telsec’s Toronto office space for rent wants to have a Friday afternoon viewing of the movie on the giant plasma screen in one of the Toronto meeting rooms.

When the office space Toronto webmaster was asked to host the viewing of the movie, he asked that the price of admission be a photo of the Toronto office space client’s former office space. He wants to help showcase what they had and what they now have at Telsec. What he is really looking for is original photos of  large office spaces filled with cubicles, and photos of home offices in basements. These photos could be used in a viral video showcasing the different types of offices.

Speaking of viral video, another idea that our webmaster has is a video featuring Toronto office space clients doing their own version of PSY’s “Oppa Gangnam style” dance as “Oppa Office-Space Style.” Once the contest is finalized, all people will need to do is to make a short video of them doing it Gangnam style in their office and link the video to www.telsec.net. Then email [email protected] to tell us where the video is located. The most popular video will win a new iPad mini. Details to come soon.