Over the past few weeks we have had some good weather days, only to be followed by days where winter resurfaces. As I was walking from an appointment on Front Street back to my downtown Toronto office space, I noticed the dangerous evidence of fluctuating temperatures on the ceiling of the railway underpass on Yonge Street. With the warming thaw, water seeps through the expansion gaps of the underpass. Then when it gets cold again, the water forms icicles that dangle from the ceiling. People have to quickly walk under them in case one of them breaks off from the underpass ceiling.

I am not one to complain about the coming of spring, I embrace it.  Spring is one of my favorite seasons. On warm spring days, I can slip out of my Toronto office space at 1 Yonge Street, and take a walk along the harbourfront for lunch. Telsec’s executive suites Toronto are also a quick walk to the pubs with patios on the Esplanade where I went on Wednesday.

When I got home Wednesday evening, I noticed a pool of water under the couch I have in my bedroom. When I moved the couch, all of the tile had buckled and the radiator was leaking. I called the building superintendent who quickly assessed the situation and called the heating and plumbing company. The company said that they could not get someone to my place until 8:30 AM Thursday. I had a telephone meeting scheduled for Thursday morning at my Toronto office space and then my girlfriend wanted to take me out for my birthday lunch, what was I going to do? I decided to ask my girlfriend if we could do dinner instead of lunch. I then contacted the receptionist at my downtown Toronto office space and instructed her to forward my calls to my cell phone after answering them. This way the client I was having the telephone meeting with would believe I was in the office space Toronto that he had previously met me in.

The plumbing problem was repaired by 2pm, but the people that fix the drywall and floor will not be able to come in until Monday or Tuesday when everything is completely dry. So on Friday I went into my office for rent Toronto as usual, with the first stop being the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. As I was telling a fellow Toronto office space client about my water damage and that I would have to work from home while the repairs were being done, another office space Toronto client mentioned that their basement had just been flooded too.  It took them 4 days to dry the basement out, before restoration could begin. Instead of taking time away from the office, they set up a webcam to monitor how the work was progressing. Since they had a high speed Internet connection at home and super high speed Internet at their office space downtown Toronto, they could keep the connection to the web cam without losing speed at the office. While this is a great idea that would be easy to set up, it was a bit of overkill.

Luckily my nephew was working evening shifts and would be able to come over to my place during the day and monitor the progress without me having to set up a high tech solution.