I was at a social event on Saturday night and overheard a conversation about someone looking for downtown Toronto office space. It did not take long for one of the people involved in the conversation to point me out and say … “you should talk to him, he blogs about office space Toronto”. So I was pulled into this conversation and heard the person who was looking for downtown Toronto office space say that they were frustrated in their search. It seems that they had been looking at a number of raw office space locations downtown and none of them would work for their business.

The more I talked to this entrepreneur, the more I learned that what they were looking for was a serviced downtown Toronto office, rather than just a downtown Toronto office location. Their office space downtown needs were mainly for having an address downtown and the ability to service downtown Toronto clients. I pointed out to them that they did not have to sacrifice profits to have a downtown Toronto office space and hire support staff to show their clients that they were professional.

I told them that they needed a downtown office space that already had the support staff they needed and they only needed to pay them as they used them.  This is why so many companies chose to use Telsec Business office  space. They get quality service at a great downtown Toronto office space location, without having to invest in all the overhead.

Yes, with a Telsec downtown Toronto office space, you do not need to worry about investing in office space equipment, they take care of that and you only pay for what you use.