So you did not win the 50 million, don’t feel bad… It seems that for the third week in a row, there was no winner of the largest lottery prize in Canadian history. It also seems that only 27 of the 45 Maxmillion draws were won, 16 in Ontario and 11 in Quebec.

Next week, the grand prize will remain $50 million, but it is estimated that there will be 55 Maxmillion draws.  This number may even increase, depending on how many additional tickets are sold.

I too did not win the Lotto Maxx grand prize or one of  the Maxmillion prizes, which means that instead of taking a limo to the lottery prize office on Monday, I will be heading to my downtown Toronto office space.

I may not have won the lottery, but I almost think I did when I found my office space in Toronto. Not only do I have one of the best views of the Toronto harbour, but I also have a great office in a great location. An office space that is easy to get to and easy to escape from, without my clients knowing if I am in my Toronto office space or not.  When I want to leave my office an head out, I can instruct the professional receptionist at Telsec to forward my calls to my cell phone. When I answer the call, my clients think that I am in my office.