There seems to be a shocking revelation that Houston, Texas got some snow. This may be big news in Texas, but the rest of North America deals with snow from December until sometimes March or April.

In Toronto the companies, who do snowplowing are contracted to be ready, are waiting from October 31st until April 30th for the call that tells them they need to get to work.

Telsec Toronto office space is located in a building that has on site snow removal, these dedicated staff members ensure that there is access to your Toronto office space and your rental office space Toronto. You know that access to your office is available 24 hours a day. The staff of the building make sure the snow is removed from the main entrances and you have access to your office rental space at Telsec business centre.

When you arrive at your Downtown Toronto office, remember….

At Telsec …. the coffee and tea is always complimentary