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Small Businesses Leads the Road to Recovery


While this current economic crisis is still not showing signs of ending for many large corporations, it is small businesses that are leading the comeback.  Many of the small businesses that are growing, are those started before this economic downturn. There are also many new businesses that have been started by victims of downsizing and layoffs.

Most small businesses who started before the recession may have made some concessions and changes to how they operate, but they have a solid business plan and model that has helped them survive.  They started from a small office, borrowed office space and/or a home office. Their business address is often at a Toronto virtual office or an office space Toronto.

The new businesses that are poised to succeed are those who from the beginning, chose to take an Toronto office space or virtual office Toronto at a prestigious address. They recognize that a key to their success is location and address.

Whether you are an existing or new small business, consider 1Yonge Street, the number one address on Canada’s number one street, for your prestigious  business address. The best Part of One Yonge Street is a Green Friendly Building.

Telsec Business Office Centre’s offers Toronto office space and virtual office Toronto, to small and medium sized businesses. Even larger businesses use Telsec’s various office space configurations for temporary offices and annex office space for extra staff and sales teams.

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