Back in late January I purchased a new camera body, but have not had many chances to use it. I purchased a Nikon D90 to upgrade from my four year old D80 body. I am not retiring or selling my D80, but I am keeping it as a second body that I will keep one of my other lenses on. This will mean that I do not have to change lenses during a shoot. The new D90 camera is a big improvement over the D80, it has a larger and better sensor that allows me to shoot indoors without a flash.

Since purchasing the new camera I have only had a few chances to use it. Not having a full time studio anymore restricts my model shoots to rented or borrowed studios and outdoor shoots. The other problem with not having a full time studio has been coordinating times and dates with models and the studios that I do have access to. I have however had a few event gigs, including the Toronto International Bicycle Show, where I got to shoot a fashion show of the latest bicycle clothing.

When I walked into my downtown Toronto office space today, I got some good news. I was in the kitchen down the hall from my executive suites Toronto getting my morning coffee, when the office manager came to talk to me. She told me that the remodelling of the reception area was nearly complete and wondered if I would be interested in doing a profession photo shoot in the next week or so. I gladly agreed, as I had done the previous reception photos three years ago. I took it as a compliment that the owners and manager of the place where I have my office space for lease Toronto want me to take more photos for them.

After leaving the kitchen, I bumped into another office space tenant who overheard that I would be taking more photographs of the reception area, they wondered if I would be interested in taking some product photos for them. We agreed to talk on Monday to see what types of photos they want.

You would think because I am shooting less that I would have time to update my own website, but in the absence of the photography work, I have been doing a lot more web and IT work for clients. This week I had to book Toronto meeting rooms at my office for rent Toronto to meet with three potential clients. The web and IT work is my primary source of income, but photography is my true passion that keeps me going.