I am currently fighting a throat and ear infection that has made smoking painful… So I am taking this time to go Cold Turkey and quit smoking. It is not the easiest thing to do, but there is no better time to do it. Going through nicotine withdrawal while sick is a bit harder, yet easier at the same time.  I can take the medications the doctor has given me and spend most of my time sleeping instead of thinking of having a cigarette. The downfall is that I have become a real devil of a person to deal with.

I have been fighting this bug for almost a week now, I finally realized how bad it was on Tuesday.  I had a meeting with a major client on Tuesday at my downtown Toronto office space, during the meeting the client pulled out a bottle of hand cleaner to wipe off his pen. I knew then I was really sick and others noticed it. I am not one to easily accept when I am sick, but when I am sick, I am really sick.

During this time my girlfriend was able to get me to agree to move to the Beach neighborhood. She knew I was weak and would agree to almost anything to get her to give me more care.  The logic behind the move is that I will be closer to my office space Toronto and she will have an easier commute to her work at the Toronto Star Building cafeteria. Luckily we are not moving this week, but we can start moving stuff in over the next month. Once we have some of the stuff moved, I can stay here and fight my illness while she starts getting the new place ready. This also makes it easier for her not to have to deal with the devil I have become during my withdrawal.

Speaking of work again, I called the receptionist at my executive suites Toronto and told her that I would be out of the office for a few days and that my calls should be sent to voice mail, unless they were emergency calls and they could be transfered to my cell phone. Having this ability to change my call handling instructions on short notice is one of the main reasons for choosing Telsec as my office for rent Toronto. Being able to flex my time between my office and working from home is key for someone like me who operates a one man office.