The Peoples Choice Awards are on TV this past evening and although I did not watch them I did visit the web site to see the results. I mainly wanted to see if some of my choices were winners.

As I was searching the results, I got to thinking maybe someone should poll people about office space Toronto choices. For me it would have to be Telsec. Before deciding to take my office at Telsec, I visited a number of Toronto office space locations. Some of the office spaces were right in the middle of the financial district and parking was at a premium, in fact at one place the parking was almost as expensive as the office rental. For the most part many did not have any parking available nearby.

A few of the other office space locations that I looked at would not tell me about the additional charges that I would have to pay and made it seem that everything was included, that was not the case. It took a lot of questions to find out exactly what an office space was going to cost me.  What was most alarming is that while I was visiting the other business centres, the people I talked to had no idea what kind of internet service they had or what the speed of the service they offered to tenants.

Why did I make Telsec my “peoples choice” of office space Toronto?

  • Great Downtown office space location
  • Super high speed Internet, including available private T1 lines
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • I have free access to meeting rooms and boardrooms
  • Plenty of inexpensive parking within metres of the building
  • Inexpensive photo copies and the ability to print directly from my office without having to invest in high cost equipment
  • My calls are handled by a professional receptionist who gives my company the appearance of a large corporation with its own staff
  • I am not tied to a lease or long term agreement
  • I can go to the fourth floor cafeteria and enjoy my lunch overlooking Lake Ontario, rather than in the basement food court
  • Best of all the coffee, tea and filtered cold water is always complimentary

What else could you ask for in a downtown Toronto office space for rent?