While not exactly a secret Santa gift, we are going to be awarding a few gifts today to some people who were entered into our draw for 1 of 3 Android Tablets. They were entered into the draw because they either started to follow us on Google + or commented or liked one of our social media posts promoting this “No So Secret Santa” contest.

The management and staff at Telsec Business Centres want to wish everyone a very happy holiday, even if you do not celebrate this time of the year in a traditional manner. We wish you all the best and safe returns during this festive time of the year. We also hope that if there is another holiday you are celebrating, that you have either enjoyed it or will be enjoying it along with those you love.

Recently at our annual Telsec holiday gathering for our office tenants, some of our office space clients mentioned that they did not know we had a blog or that we were active on various social media channels. Upon hearing of our various social networking activities and business networking through social channels, they realized that they too could benefit from participating not only with us, but their own clients. One office space client even mentioned that he was looking for more ways to network with more small businesses and entrepreneurs – and that he discovered our social campaigns before realizing that the information was coming from his office space host because (someone else had re-tweeted it without him noticing the source of the information).

While our blogs and postings will slow down over the next week, we will still endeavour to bring you news and information about not only our office space, but also the world of small business and entrepreneurship. When we do return to full strength in the new year with a fresh new set of blogs and social media postings, we also hope that you will engage with us in telling us what additional topics you would like us to bring you. The success of our blogs and social media postings depends on us deliver the information and news that our followers and clients want. Many of our followers, office space tenants and virtual office clients alike, are telling us privately how much they enjoy our posts. But we need you and them to help us by posting your feedback publicly.

A few things to look forward to in 2014…..Telsec Business Centres will again be sponsoring the Toronto International Bicycle Show, as well as hosting a number of other contests and promotions that will be giving away bicycle-show-related prizes. We will also be initiating some promotions and contests for prizes that our followers and clients have told us are important to them. Also, based on the success of our recent campaigns, we will be offering more and more contests and giveaways in 2014.