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Our holiday may not be your holiday – but we’re always open!

Our office space and virtual office clients do not always celebrate the same holidays as we do. But rest assured that our office space is always open to them 24/7. Yes, our reception staff and administrative staff are celebrating Christmas (Boxing Bay) and Chanukah (Hanukkah) with their families, but our office tenants still have access to their offices whenever they want.

Any day of the year, our office space tenants have access to their offices where they can get work done at their own pace. The holiday  season is often a great time to do some catching up, clean their offices or just come in and relax after a few hectic days of shopping for the Boxing Day (actually more like Boxing Week) bargains.

Our staff returns to work on Tuesday, December 27. However, many of our tenants have taken the week week off and will not return until the New Year.

About Ian Payton

Responsibilities: Social Media Coordination and content creation for companies like the Toronto International Bicycle Show. Outside of work for primary clients,work was done for smaller clients like branches of the Royal Canadian Legion designing and revitalizing web sites. Conceptualizing strategies for online and offline marketing as well as promotional activities for other companies.

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