This past weekend, this writer of this blog took a trip to Michigan State to visit with his girlfriend’s family. While at the family gathering, I had a chance to talk to someone who mentioned they have to close down their office and return leased office equipment to reduce their administrative costs.

I suggested to him that he should look into renting a serviced office in a business centre. He replied by saying “But I Do Not Need a Full Time Office, I Only Need a Part Time Office”.  It was then that I told him about the flexibility of a part-time office at a class A office location. I further told him a company like his could have a well known address in a professional building, without the expensive equipment costs. This is the best way of having a part time office, while keeping up a professional image.

The solution I gave him was renting a shared office that he could use on a part-time basis, that he could find in almost any city in North America, but could acquire his office address through the Alliance of business office centers.

Telsec Business Centres in Toronto, can offer your company a part time office at a prestigious business address at One Yonge Street. A part time or shared office from Telsec will give your organization a serviced office space with high speed Internet access, fax receiving, a professional receptionist and access to state of the art business copier and colour printers.

Whether your company needs a part time office, serviced office space, or even team space for a few more employees, Telsec can create a custom plan to work with you.