In previous blogs, I have mentioned the convenience of the complimentary coffee and tea in the two kitchens at Telsec. I have also talked about how you just need to walk down the hall to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and that it took seconds instead of minutes. I further mentioned that having the coffee down the hall meant not having to go down to a basement food court with no natural lighting to get a coffee.

At this time, I want to welcome Tim Hortons to the Toronto Star cafeteria. Yes you can now purchase Tim Hortons coffee at a kiosk store located on the fourth floor, and there are windows overlooking Toronto Harbour (not in the basement without a view). This new availability of Tim Hortons coffee only enriches the choices available to Toronto office space clients. If your particular choice is Tim Hortons coffee, then an elevator ride to the fourth floor is all it takes, but if you are like me and enjoys Telsec’s Hazelnut Vanilla (or premium Columbian) blend, then that cup of coffee is just down the hall.

When I went searching for my office space in Toronto, I found that most of the Toronto business centres only offered coffee at an extra charge. I did the math and knew that my 3 or 4 cups a day would add up. I did not choose Telsec only because the coffee was complimentary, but the rent was better and the location would save me hundreds of dollars in parking.

Welcome Tim Hortons, I know that one of my clients loves your steeped tea and she will enjoy her next visit to my Toronto office space location.