Day 4 of the Olympics did not bring Canada any more gold, but Alexandre Bilodeau did receive his Gold medal tonight, but it was surprising that neither Alexandre Bilodeau nor the American Bryon Wilson removed their hats for the playing of O’Canada and the flag raising.  I wonder how many members of the media will report on that. Hopefully that will be the most controversy of these Olympic games for Canada.

Without too much other Olympic news, I was asked by someone today about my Valentines gift blog. I was asked how much money would be saved by having complimentary coffee tea and filtered water at Telsec, opposed to going to a coffee shop to get their coffee.

In that blog, I wrote about a woman whose husband bought her the gift of office space Toronto, her husband says that she drinks at least 5 five cups of coffee per day. Based on paying about $1.45 per cup for a small cup from one major coffee chain, would be $7.25 per day in coffee.  For a 5 day week, that would be $36.25 per week and $145 per month for 100 coffees in a month.  If that coffee was from another leading US chain, the per unit price of $1.75 for a small coffee would work out to $175 per month. A large coffee each time could work out to over $200 per month for coffee alone. The other expense that an entrepreneur has to consider is the cost of their expensive time to leave their office to get their favourite java beverage from one of those coffee shops that are located in the lobby or even outside of their office building.

Since we are talking math, here is some interesting math to consider. Telsec offers a shared office space Toronto for $225 per month (including the complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water), this works out to the same cost as about 6 cups of coffee per day if you drink coffee 5 days a week.

I know when I am working at my Telsec office space Toronto, I can normally drink 4 or 5 cups of the delicious Hazelnut Vanilla coffee that is always fresh and hot.