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Temporary Office Rental
Temporary Office Rental

Temporary office space is an arrangement where companies can rent furnished office space without having to sign a long-term office lease as you would when renting a traditional un-serviced office space. Temporary office space is perfect for entrepreneurs, head offices or small to medium sized businesses. Telsec provides various daily office rentals to meet the needs of businesses that are looking for temporary solutions. Many businesses find a temporary office space rental a good short term solution for the following reasons:

  • Professional temporary work environment while moving to a new office location
  • Provides additional office space for businesses during expansion.
  • Opportunity to experience having a Toronto office without a long term commitment
  • Cost-effective solution while developing future business growth plans

A large number of companies who find themselves looking for a temporary office space rental in Toronto are those who had not planned on needing it. Oftentimes, it is because of a disaster or unplanned change in their business that requires them to seek a temporary work space. It is very important for these organizations to know that when they need temporary office space that they can quickly move in and know that they do not need to worry about setting up telephone systems, arranging office equipment leases, buying office furniture or hiring office administration staff.

Telsec can configure temporary office space for companies small and large. Our staff will work with you to find the perfect temporary office solution for you and your staff.

Contact us today at (416) 363-9035 or Toll Free +1 877-705-0707 to reserve your temporary office space today. For more information, please visit our services and pricing page.

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