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Team space rentals include our professional business centre services with a comfortable, open concept work environment that can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 30 people depending on your requirements starting at $795.00 per month. This space is ideal as both a temporary office or a long-term office solution for a dedicated team of employees.

The concept of a collaborative office space or coworking office space is not a new concept, but, it is once again on the rise. Also, the idea that team office space is just for small companies that are looking to save money is false. In fact many medium and large businesses also appreciate the idea of team work space because of the flexibility it provides over regular non-serviced office leases.

Team space can work best for companies that are defined by an ongoing need for creative environments because its open concept office space design encourages collaboration and team interaction.

As firms look to reduce costs through more efficient space utilization, while at the same time increasing productivity through more employee collaboration and teamwork, a team work space is often the best solution.

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