Toronto Semi-Private Office Space

Shared office space

Semi private offices are only $350 per month. They are ideal for business people that require a workspace, storage for their files and office equipment without the cost of a private office.  Semi-private offices provide a great opportunity for businesses to share the expenses of a professional office space in a prime business location.

All semi-private office clients receive a functional work space in a prestigious downtown location that is equipped with modern office equipment and is staffed by a team of professional business support personnel.

The semi-private suite is your company’s way of having an office in downtown Toronto without the high overhead costs of a traditional office space. Clients receive 24-hour access to the office facilities, equipment and services.

Telsec has options that suit clients with varying budgets, sizes and situations.

Speak to a Telsec representative today 416.363.9035 or toll free 1.877.705.0707 to experience the benefits of our fully serviced semi-private office packages for only $350 per month. For more information, please visit our pricing page.