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: Our rent or lease private and executive office space solutions are suitable for small businesses working from home to large international businesses relocating to Toronto or wanting a branch office to establish a local or national business presence; business executives; self-employed professionals or trades and telecommute businesses seeking office space solutions. - starting at $495 per month
: Team space rentals offer the same business centre services with a comfortable, open concept work environment which allows for collaboration amongst team members that can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 25 people depending on your requirements. This space is ideal as a temporary office or a long-term office solution for a dedicated team of employees. - starting at $795 per month
We also offer special separate : These are executive "Suites" in the truest sense of the word! These executive offices have their own private entrance off the hall with modern upscale office furniture and decoration. We provide a professionally structured business and support services environment for a manager, sales and business professionals or a branch office or space to accommodate team collaboration and training. Our executive offices are actual suites with modern business furnishings and a private entry to the office from the hall. There is access to team office space and you get all this in one of the most prestigious buildings in Toronto and Canada - Toronto's #1 Address. The spectacular lake views are some of the best office views available anywhere in Toronto!
: Provides office space ideal for business people that require a workspace and storage for their files and office equipment without the cost of a private office. This service provides a functional work space in a prestigious downtown location that is equipped with modern office equipment and is staffed by a team of professional business support personnel. The semi-private office is your company's way of having an office in downtown Toronto without the high overhead costs of a traditional office space. The semi-private office client has 24-hour/7 days per week access to the office facilities, equipment and services. - from $350 per month

Our alternative workspace solutions are suited for smaller businesses, home based, startups, branch offices and entrepreneurs. Telsec's alternative office space solutions include:

: A relatively new concept, Coworking, creates accessible, innovative and collaborative workspaces that move beyond the traditional work-alone office or home-office environments. The concept is that while you may work FOR yourself, you do not need to work BY yourself. - $225 per month
: Shared office space is sometimes referred to as "touchdown office" or "hot desk" or "coworking". This type of shared office space is an innovative solution for both small and large businesses. A shared office solution is suitable for businesses that do not require a full time office but need a place to work, make and receive phone calls, meet with clients and/or staff, etc. - $225 per month
: Toronto Daily Office space is ideal for the many people who work from home or have a business that is mobile. For many business people, meeting a client in their home or in a public place is not the professional look they want to portray to their customers or clients. Having the ability to rent an office space for the day or even for a half-day is a much better solution. A corner or lake-view office, to really impress a prospect or client, is also available with the Toronto Daily Office For Rent option - $100 per day
: Temporary office space is an arrangement where companies can rent furnished Toronto office space for a short-term without having to sign a long-term office lease as you would in a traditional un-serviced office space. Temporary office Space is perfect for entrepreneurs, head offices or small to medium sized businesses - $495 per month

Telsec Business Centres' office amenities illustrate our wish to provide the best service at a reasonable price. We are proud of our ability to provide our clients with Toronto office space solutions that have flexible lease or rental terms with industry leading office services and support available:

Your Telsec Toronto office space for lease offers you all of the benefits of a downtown office space without the high cost or hassles of downtown property taxes or long term lease commitments. Telsec Business Centres Inc. is located in Toronto in the Toronto Star Building, Toronto's #1 address, and provides the best scenic views of the City Skyline as well as panoramic views of the Islands and Lake Ontario.

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