Office Space movie red stapler

The Red Swingline Stapler used in the movie "Office Space"

A few years ago, after renting office space Toronto at Telsec, I approached the management about writing this blog to promote what a great office location it was.  When I tell people that I write a blog, they always want to know what I write about. So often when I tell people that I write about “office space Toronto”, they immediately think I am making reference to the 1999 movie “Office Space”. They will often jokingly ask me “Do you have those TPS reports?” Or ask me for their red stapler. These days after finally seeing the movie, I have learned to pre-empt their questions by saying “I write a blog about Office Space Toronto with TPS reports”.

It was almost a year after writing the blogs that I finally rented the movie “Office Space”. After watching the film, I quickly learned what the term “TPS reports” meant and I deducted that my Toronto office space was definitely  an office space Toronto without TPS reports. I had definitely not even heard anyone say around the office “Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler…” or “I believe that’s my stapler, it was a Swingline…”

Office Space Toronto red stapler

The actual swingline red stapler they released two years later

The funny part about the infamous red Swingline Stapler that is featured in the movie “Office Space” is that Swingline didn’t even make any red staplers. So the film prop designer contacted Swingline and asked if it would be ok to put their logo on a stapler that they had painted bright red. Swingline agreed to allow them to do so. It was not until two years later that Swingline decided to release a red stapler, but it was not the same looking stapler.  I have often joked in the kitchen of my office space Toronto without TPS reports when getting a coffee, that I should find a red Swingline stapler and leave it in the copier room or on the reception desk. I just want to see how many people working at my Toronto executive offices or visitors to this downtown Toronto office space will get the joke.

The biggest comparison that I can make between the office in the movie “Office Space” and my office space Toronto without TPS reports is that the people around my office are mainly entrepreneurs and small businesses that work for themselves. Offices have walls instead of being an open space with cubicles. The environment is set up so that the only time you see the other people who work in the office is when you are in the hallways, one of the two kitchens or in the photocopier room.

Another comparison that can be made about Telsec’s office space Toronto without TPS reports is there is no need to take a baseball bat to a printer that is not working. You will not even get the famous “PC LOAD LETTER” error on any of the printers or photocopiers in the printer room. This is mainly because the modern business machines at this downtown Toronto office space are more sophisticated than the printer in the movie and the well trained support staff at Telsec Business Centres, makes sure the printers are topped with paper and other supplies. It is great to have office space for lease Toronto without having to worry about ordering a photocopier or printer supplies.