It is no secret that I am the official office space Toronto photographer at Telsec, many of the other clients have seen me setting up for after hours photo shoots of the lobby, an office or one of the Toronto boardrooms at Telsec. On Monday as I was getting a coffee someone came up to me and asked me if I was the guy who was the office space Toronto photographer, so I said yes. They then proceed to ask me how was Fred? It took me a few minutes to figure out what they were asking me, I did not know any Fred. They then said “the squirrel”… my head dropped, someone at my office space Toronto had found out about the squirrel that I had named and took photos of on my front lawn. Yes, I named a very distinctive looking squirrel that comes to visit me all the time looking for peanuts.

After walking away from this embarrassing moment, I realized that I had not asked them how they heard about “Fred”. Not only did I not know who they were, but how did they find out about me and a squirrel named “Fred”. A few hours later I was leaving my office space Toronto to get some lunch when I spotted the person walking down the hall. I just had to ask them how they knew I was the office space Toronto photographer, but more importantly how they knew about “Fred”. All they could do was smile and tell me to check my email.

Instead of heading to lunch, I headed back to my office and checked my email. I had a number of emails that were from people who I did not even know or did not recognize. As soon as I opened the one that was from a friend who also has a Toronto office space at Telsec, I knew that he had found some recent photos that I posted on Facebook. To make things worse, he had sent a copy of some of the photos to other office space Toronto clients and cc’d me. The headline “Look at what the office space Toronto photographer does when he is not photographing around our Toronto office space”. In the body of the email he mentions that not only did I take photos of these two animals, but that I had named and recognized Fred.

The photos were of Fred (the squirrel) and Finkie (the neighbour’s cat) that I had taken last week when I came home early from my office space Toronto. Fred was on the front lawn, so I went inside and grabbed some peanuts to feed him. As soon as I came out, I noticed that Finkie had come by for a visit; neither of the two animals acknowledged the other was even there.  I gave Fred a few nuts and noticed that he would walk right by Finkie, so I went into the house to grab my camera because no one would believe me.

When I chose to post the photos on Facebook, I never thought that someone from my office space Toronto would see them. More so, I did not expect anyone to email the squirrel photos with the words “office space Toronto photographer” in the headline. I am not ashamed of naming a squirrel or embarrassed for taking the photos or posting them for that matter. I am just a little embarrassed by the fact that other professionals at my Toronto office space had seen the photos without me sending them. Luckily no one has linked them to the Telsec office space Toronto page on Facebook, but you can help me promote the place that I have my office for rent Toronto, by clicking Facebook “Like” button.