This blog writer recently attended the Telsec Christmas party for its clients. I observed a number of things that truly showed me why many of the clients who have office space Toronto at Telsec, have been clients for quite a while.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, the clients who have been office space clients for a long time, not only interacted with each other, but they were happy to meet newer clients.  While everyone was enjoying themself, many were also taking this as a networking opportunity. Clients were meeting potential customers and future vendors they did not know were just down the hall from them.

One new office space Toronto client, who just upgraded from being a virtual office Toronto client, harped how much more productive they had become by moving out of their home office and into a real Toronto office space. Now that they had met some of the long term office clients and heard how their business has grow with a Telsec office, they realized the many benefits of having an actual office space in Toronto.

Later on in the party, I heard one of the office space clients suggesting to others that getting together on a monthly basis in one of the large boardrooms could be a great social network event that would allow for not only business networking, but also to socialize.  One event they planned for today was to gather in one of the boardrooms with a big screen TV and watch the Obama Nobel Peace Prize speech.

You too should consider having your office space Toronto at Telsec and join the many happy Toronto office space clients who like the fact that they do not need to worry about managing an office, but can concentrate on developing their business.

And remember, at Telsec the coffee and tea are always complimentary.