The Benefits of a Business Centre

June 26th, 2015|Comments Off on The Benefits of a Business Centre

In a recent post titled Alternative office solutions we discussed some of the benefits of an office space in a business centre. The truth is, business centres have always been the best bet for any growing business, however, the alternative trend in office space is a juggernaut that has become a staple with mainstream businesses – not just start-ups and tech companies. Resources for the Benefits of a Business Centre Recently we have begun the process of building a community for our business centre clients to “showcase” their services and share their business experiences – which in turn positions the business centre as more of a resource beyond just providing space. Watch for announcements as we begin a to add features to this community. As we recorded these video interviews, we also took the opportunity to get testimonials for Telsec. These testimonials did not just provide a great way to promote […]

Alternative Office Solutions

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What is an Alternative Office Solution? Simply put, it is a new type of office space design and philosophy that removes a lot of the headaches and expenses of traditional office space with much more emphasis on “collaboration space” – or as we like to call it “we space.” At first it was thought to be just a type of office space suitable for tech companies and young start-ups. Increasingly however, alternative office space is becoming mainstream with millennials actually preferring this new philosophy of office design. Typically, alternative office spaces are business centres – some sort of business incubator set-up where two companies “share” office spaces and leasing expenses often in traditional office spaces and/or co-working centres (which are basically business centres with less support services and business equipment provided by the centre). Another driving force behind the trend to alternative space is a changing workplace where employees are […]

‘Seniorpreneurs’ are Turning to Office Business Centres for Their Office Space

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The terms entrepreneur and start-up have traditionally been associated with risk and starting off with nothing, but this new breed of entrepreneurs are the retiring "baby boomers" who have spent a lifetime building their wealth and are not interested in taking on too much risk.

Have you heard about the “Donate & Learn” event at Ryerson University June 30, 2015?

June 15th, 2015|Comments Off on Have you heard about the “Donate & Learn” event at Ryerson University June 30, 2015?

One of our office space for rent tenant, Green Lotus, is organizing the annual Donate & Learn Expo to help small businesses learn the latest online marketing techniques, while giving back to a great cause. How did it all start? In early 2012 Bassem Ghali (Founder of Green Lotus) wanted to give back to the community in a big way. With his expertise and network of marketing professionals, Bassem wanted to create an online marketing workshop and bring the community together in support of a local charity. More than 220 guests attended the sold-out event and he raised close to $3,800 for the YWCA Toronto! In 2013, the Donate & Learn initiative gained the support of GoDaddy. With GoDaddy as a major supporter, the Donate & Learn initiative grew. The Donate & Learn Workshop was sold out for a second time with over 260 attendees and another $4,185 raised for […]

An Interview With Judi Hughes of Your Planning Partners

June 8th, 2015|Comments Off on An Interview With Judi Hughes of Your Planning Partners

This video and transcript are from an interview that Ian Payton of Telsec Business Centres conducted with Judi Hughes, co-founder and President of Your Planning Partners Ltd. It’s the first in a series of interviews with members of our community with the goal of raising client visibility within the Telsec business community and elsewhere. Judi Hughes, Co-Founder and President of Your Planning Partners Ian: Hi, can you introduce yourself? Judi: Absolutely! I’m Judi Hughes and my company is Your Planning Partners. I’m the President and Managing Partner. Ian: Would you like to give us an idea about what your business does? Judi: Your Planning Partners is a boutique management consulting firm. We work with established business owners who’ve been in business 3 to 5 years. Some up to 15 and 20 years have already seen some success with their business, but they hit a ceiling. So what we do is […]

Top 10 Advantages of Renting Toronto Office Space from an All-in-One Business Centre  

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Many expanding businesses, start-ups, international businesses and even established larger forms are looking to downsize their real estate and office-space. They are turning to all-in-one serviced office business centres and executive offices for their businesses office needs. Business owners are realizing that, with an all-in-one business centre to fill their office needs, their company can see a significant amount of savings in all aspects of their total office expenses every month over traditional raw-office-space leases. Read on to discover the top 10 advantages of all-in-one office space for lease in Toronto. 1. Professional Receptionist at Your Disposal If you’re a business start-up or are significantly downsizing your company, you’re probably operating with minimal office support staff. So why spend your money on hiring a receptionist when most all-in-one office business centres provide a live receptionist? You can have a professional receptionist answer all of your calls as you direct, without […]

Working Wireless in the Office? You Need to Know who has Access.

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As Wi-Fi technology improved and faster speeds resulted, businesses who did not want the expense of running wires all through their offices started to look more seriously at Wi-Fi. With the help of stronger signals and better equipment, the Wi-Fi alternative started to become more popular. While businesses use repeaters and wireless access points to maximize the strength of connection in their office space, small businesses found that these solutions could also be scaled to their needs. In a smaller office space for rent, you may only need one access point! Today you cannot go down the street and have your device telling you of available WiFi access points. Today, just about every location – from coffee shops and restaurants, librarys, bookstores and many other places – offers Wi-Fi. You can now even get Wi-Fi when traveling by plane, bus or train. Even when no free hotspots are available, most smartphones […]

Office Safety and Security Issues Faced by Female Entrepreneurs

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While workplace safety and security is an issue that every entrepreneur and small business owner has to think about, they are often more important to a female entrepreneur who works alone. As a general rule, it is not safe to work in an isolated office location, even for men. But for women entrepreneurs who have limited funding, these types of office environments may be the only alternative that fits their limited start-up budget. Working in isolation can put anyone at risk for security problems. Putting aside security risks, working in a stand-alone office with no contact with other people can also be a major safety factor when it comes to possible accidents that may occur. Nobody ever expects a home accident to happen, but a slip down the stairs or a kitchen grease fire can occur in the blink of an eye. Entrepreneurs who work from home often become complacent […]

Pan Am Games Teams are Using Short-Term Office Space While in Toronto

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The Pan Am and Parapan Am Games begin in Toronto on July 10, 2015. The Pan Am Games are the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games, only surpassed in size and scope by the Olympic Summer Games and the Asian Games. Many of the teams from the 41 countries will be competing in  51 sports (36 Pan Am sports and 15 Parapan Am sports). With over 7,500 athletes participating, many have already began renting temporary office space in Toronto. For many of the teams, games of this magnitude cannot happen without the help of coaches, trainers and other staff – but finding team headquarters is also a necessity. While the athletes are housed in the Athletes Village, many of their support staff are not even able to stay in the same hotel, so they need space to work together. With any major international sporting event, each country sends along publicists, […]

Why Should Start-ups and Small Businesses use a Serviced Office?

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A question that we often hear is “why use a serviced office?” So, let us look as some of the advantages to using an alternative office space like a serviced office over traditional office space – as well as some of the perceived disadvantages. It is important to note that business centres serviced offices offer more than office services. The advantages of serviced offices over traditional offices are: Many business centres’ office-space solutions provide a sense of community for a small business to network and exchange knowledge. Serviced offices have no building “fixed expenses” like taxes, repairs etc. Low or no capital expenditure to open and maintain your office or workspace. Flexible rental terms that facilitate full utilization of space needed for business growth. Serviced offices can often provide or facilitate retaining professional services like accounting, lawyers and marketing services. Serviced offices provide a sense of community A serviced office […]

When you own a Small Business, Every Week Should be Small Business Week!

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May 4th, 2015, the official start of “Small Business Week” in the United States, yet in Canada Small Business Week is in October. Every year since 1963, the U.S. Small Business Administration takes the opportunity to highlight the impact of outstanding entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others from all 50 states and U.S. territories. In fact, every year since 1963,  the President of the United States issues a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week, which recognizes the critical contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. Having a week of recognition for small business is important because every day, small business owners are working to grow their small businesses to create 21st century jobs, drive innovation, and continue to increase North America’s global competitiveness. This week across the United States, National Small Business Week events will be held in multiple cities. While some larger cities will feature one day of events during […]

How to Create a Great Place to Work

April 27th, 2015|3 Comments

It is no surprise that when a ranking of Canada’s 100 best workplaces was recently released, that Google and AOL Canada (Large and Multinational Category) held on to the their top spots in the annual study by The Great Workplace, which is a global research, consulting and training firm. However, these types of studies usually mean nothing to an entrepreneur who is self employed with a much smaller business and staff. What should a small business owner do to ensure that he or she is providing a great place to work for themselves or any employees they may have? A research study may or may not exist that reveals what makes for the best small business workplaces – or even a list of the best small businesses to work for. However, there is plenty of information on the Internet to help a small business make its workplace better and more […]

Every Small Business Should Have a Procedures Manual

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You may already have a disaster recovery plan that will keep your doors open by using alternative office spaces. But do you also have a procedures manual that details all the important plans for keeping your business going? The creating of a procedures manual is often overlooked in disaster recovery plan strategies – but it can sometimes be even more important because minor emergencies are more frequent than disasters. A procedure manual lets everyone know how everything is done, just in case the person who normally takes care of those things is not available. When a problem needs to be solved or a task needs to be performed, others can go to the manual and find the solutions, rather than having to chase down others for answers. A good procedures manual can also be used for training new staffers, especially if they are replacing people who have already left your […]

Small Business Owners Also Have to Remember to be Good Customers

April 16th, 2015|Comments Off on Small Business Owners Also Have to Remember to be Good Customers

So, we have given our followers advice on branding their product, service, business and even personal branding. But one of our office space for rent tenants told us that we have not touched on tips for being a good customer. In a way, being a good customer is also about your personal branding. Whether you are a customer as an individual or as as a business customer, how you conduct business as a buyer/consumer impacts your brand. The list of how to be a bad customer is long – so long we are only going to talk about some of them. One way of being a bad customer is not keeping up with the terms of payment you agreed to. If you have problems with those terms talk to the vendor before it becomes a problem. Another way to be a bad customer is to give a negative review online […]

As an Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner, are you Taking Care of Your Personal Brand?

April 14th, 2015|Comments Off on As an Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner, are you Taking Care of Your Personal Brand?

Yes, you may have taken care of your business or product branding. You may even have a professional business address and office space in a prestigious office building. Too often what many entrepreneurs and small business owners forget to take care of is their own personal brand. This means that people also want to know who is behind your product or service. They want to trust you and not just your product. Your potential customers want to know who they are working with and why they should be dealing with you. Personal branding is much like social media. It is about making a commitment of defining yourself as the leader of your small business and how your leadership shapes the manner in which your company will serve your customers. Personal branding is very powerful because it is about sending a clear, consistent message about who you are and what you have […]

Places offering small business help that most entrepreneurs do not consider

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In a recent blog we told you about the various ways that a small business can get free or low-cost help from the public library, but there are other sources of help that often go undiscovered. For example, local, Provincial/State and even Federal governments have various programs and resources that are often unknown or under-utilized by the small business owners that may need them. In a world of political grandstanding, a lot of myths get spun that are not necessarily true about government and small business. One of the most common is that small business and big government do not mix. This is not true. What is true is that the government can be as much of a friend to your small business as a foe. If you are in need of solid business advice at a crucial moment, the government might be able to help. Governments know how important […]

Public libraries are not usually places where small businesses look for help – but they should be!

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Whether you are starting or growing a small business, your public library can be a great resource. Modern libraries are not just buildings full of books. They now have resources that you may not know about. Like other public libraries across North America, the Toronto Public Library offers free programs and seminars on everything you’ll need to run your small business. You just need to ask about them. When you visit a local library branch, you can ask their expert library staff to help you find what you need. Yes, they have books on virtually everything, including financing, marketing, human resources and more. They will also have e-books, e-magazines, videos, directories, databases and more – in addition to a wide range of printed books. Some libraries even have online databases and e-publications that you can access 24/7 from the library’s website. Did you also know that your public library will […]

What is the Coffee Situation at Your Small Business Office? What is it Costing You?

January 19th, 2015|Comments Off on What is the Coffee Situation at Your Small Business Office? What is it Costing You?

Look around any office space of a business, large or small, and you will see either coffee mugs or paper coffee cups on many of the desks. Coffee is a large part of the business environment, but some business owners often do not consider what it is costing them when they do not provide coffee in the office on a regular basis. Some businesses offer their staff free or subsidized coffee in the office as a perk (no pun intended) of the job. Unless they are using a quality office coffee service, the coffee can be “hit or miss.” When a small business owner offers a coffee maker and the supplies to go with it, the quality of the coffee depends on the person whose job it is to make it that particular day. Unless the person making the coffee each time it runs low is the same person, the […]

Public Cellphone Usage Advice for Business

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Have you ever been on public transit or in a confined public place and could overhear the intimate details of a loud cellphone talker? Most of those overheard conversations are about where a person is heading or what some of their private plans are. So, they are simply annoying to hear – not to mention being downright rude! But what if what you were hearing was private information about a company, its clients, its employees or financial information about the company or one of its clients? It happens more frequently than you might think. People tend to forget that sometimes they are prone to talk louder on their cellphone (especially if they are wearing ear buds). Most people will tell you that they cannot stand it when people talk too loudly on their phone in public. According to Microsoft’s Lumia Conversations, 21% of respondents to a poll they conducted on cellphone etiquette […]