I was recently asked by a friend to attend a meeting with them and to share my technical knowledge. My friend was considering making a substantial investment in a upstart business that claimed they were quite successful  and had  hundreds of potential clients visiting their offices every week.  After seeing their office, I wanted to know how many clients took them seriously.

The office I visited was in the basement of a building whose main floor client was a noisy restaurant with wooden floors. I could hear every footstep from the floor above.  After a 30 minute meeting my client and I emerged from the meeting. The client asked me what was my opinion.  Before I gave my opinion to my client, I asked them what they thought of the space we just had the meeting in. They told me that it was quite distracting to hear the noise above, but the were most disappointed in the fact that we walked into the office space and were not greeted by anyone and we had to shout to announce we were there, because they did not have a  receptionist, but only an empty reception area.

This made me ask the client more questions. If they were that successful or trying to show that they were that professional, would they have not had someone greeting us? Especially knowing that we were coming.

What really made the meeting go sour was the fact they were leeching their internet signal off of another building  tenant and that it was not working. This did not make me confident in recommending my client to invest.

Having a prestigious address in a fully serviced Toronto office space location, tells your clients or investors that you truly mean business.

Since that meeting last week, my client has since upped his business presence and signed up with Telsec at their prestigious 1 Yonge Street address location. He realized that if he wanted to be taken seriously, he too needed a prestigious address and a professional support staff that included a professional receptionist and staff who knew how to make their space look like his own space.