US President Obama unveils $3.83 Trillion budget and yet there is more of a buzz that “The Donald” (as in Donald Trump), is coming to the Toronto area for 4 days to conduct free seminars on building wealth, rather than spending it.

Maybe Trump needs to buy the White House and flip it for a few Trillion dollars. Then Obama could use that money to offset the US budget deficit. Trump could then rent the White House back to the government as Washington office space. The President could also rent office space in New York and Office space in Toronto from Telsec.

Having serviced offices in Toronto and other major cities, companies can have a presence without the expense of furnishing a full sized office. They would get the amenities of a serviced office without the capital expense of setting up a raw office space.

Telsec can help you set up a Toronto serviced office or a serviced office in over 650 locations World Wide. With locations in over 40 countries, your company could set up shop to service any of the worlds unique and diverse markets.

Even if your company does not need a physical presence in a particular location, you can have a Virtual office address at any one or more of those 650 locations and have them all invoiced together. Having multiple virtual office locations can give your company a much larger image and give your company more credibility to new clients. Remember as an office space Toronto client, you can also travel to any one of those offices and receive up to 8 hours per month of boardroom time absolutely free.