The fences surrounding the G20 Summit security zones are up and the protests have started, for the next 7 days downtown Toronto is going to be chaotic with traffic jams and protesters impeding pedestrian traffic. If that was not enough, the Vuvuzelas have also arrived in Toronto.

Yes, those Vuvuzela horns that have created havoc for players and TV viewers of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa are now on sale in Toronto. Already people have started gathering at Dundas Square to watch the World Cup matches on the big screens and to play their Vuvuzela along with the fans in the stadium thousands of miles away.

Along with being a great noise maker for soccer fans, some local fans have also found that the Vuvuzela can also be used as a great flagpole for whatever flag they chose to fly. Soccer fans walking around downtown Toronto can now carry their flag and toot their Vuvuzela horn. The reason so many footie fans are walking around downtown instead of driving is that the traffic congestion and shortage of available parking caused by the G20 Summit and Protests.

Speaking of protesters, nothing would be a better way to protest and annoy G20 leaders, than to have hundreds (if not thousands) of protesters blowing Vuvuzelas.  I know if the protesters start playing Vuvuzelas outside my downtown Toronto office space it would annoy me to want to leave the building and want to go home.

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