Not all ads are created fairly, especially when they are for Toronto Office Space on free bulletin boards. Recently I was helping a friend who is looking for a new place to live, I stumbled on the commercial and office section of one of the boards. I was curious to see what others were listing in terms of office space Toronto. It seemed like some ads put one thing in their headline and did not even mention what that had to do with the office space they were renting. Some ads listed a price in the headline, but did not say what that price was for in the body of the ad. The one that floored me the most was the ad offering $100 per month office, but when I called them I was told that was for a virtual office, I wondered why they did not mention that in their ad. If the ad says one thing and the person on the phone says another, is this the type of Toronto office for rent that you would want to deal with?

When you use one of these services to see classified ads, you are hoping that those posting the ads are going to be up front and honest, not someone who wants to waste your time trying to sell you something you were not looking for.

Yes Telsec does post on these boards, but we spell out what that price is for in the ad, so the consumer can be informed when they call to inquire, not feel deceived. When Telsec lists an office with these classified ad boards for a Virtual Office – mail service for $30 and telephone/mail service for $75, they make it clear that is what the ad is for. What you read is what you get at