What is Your SEO Location Strategy?

A location strategy is usually associated with brick and mortar businesses. However, the author explains that depending on the business, the SEO location strategy could be far more important – especially if its lead generation or sales is dependent on the web. The most important part of a local SEO campaign is the NAP (Name, Address and Phone) that is listed on GoogleMyBusiness (GMB) and local directories. Here, he discusses why a consistent business centre virtual address and a VoIP account is the best SEO location strategy for search engine rankings, and for your professional image.

8 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life

Changing your life is a tall order, but sometimes “all you need is a flash of insight that shifts your perspective or rewires your thinking,” the author notes. She then shares eight TED talks that Reddit users say changed their lives, including both video and descriptions, from Tim Urban’s Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator to Susan Cain’s The Power of Introverts.

5 Customer Service Rules to Boost Your Profit by 18 Percent

It is predicted that by next year, customer service and experience will trump price as the essential differentiator among brands. The author cites sources indicating that currently, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a superior customer experience, and will spend 13 to 18% more for excellent customer service. To take full advantage of this trend, she discusses five customer service rules to set for your business: never make your problems the customer’s problems; seek reviews and encourage open dialogue; respond promptly with empathy to customer comments and complaints; map the customer service journey and establish a voice-of-the-customer program; and lastly, reward customers for staying loyal.

3 Ways to Create a Work Environment That Nurtures Trust

A high-performing team is essential for your business to consistently produce quality services and products that win more customers. And trust is a cornerstone of building a team that works together seamlessly and helps one another perform better. In this article, the author discusses three simple ways that Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta uses to foster “a company culture based on trust that helps everyone on the team perform at their best”: communicate often; goof off together; and lastly, create a safe space to experiment.

7 books to read when you’re anxious

Nobody is immune to anxiety. Even business leaders are subject to it, as when they think and overthink a decision until they end up just avoiding the decision altogether. There are a lot of things you can do to alleviate anxiety, and among them are books, according to the author. He recommends seven helpful books, describing each one, from classics such as Civil Disobedience and Other Essays to the more recently published The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life.

6 Practical Ways to Create a Culture Where Employees Enjoy Coming to Work

According to research from Gartner, one of the biggest drags on productivity is employee engagement, which still hovers around 30% and costing businesses over $450 billion per year. So how do you improve engagement in your business? The author says the key is to make work more satisfying, continuing, “and I’m not talking about perks and privileges”.

Citing the new book The Culture Question, he shares six practical tips on how to make your work culture more meaningful and satisfying: match people to work that stimulates and challenges them; focus on role enrichment, not more work; ask for help in eliminating useless tasks; assign complete units of work, rather than tasks; proactively provide support and training; and finally, promote professional growth and new roles.

The Future of AI in the Workplace

AI (artificial intelligence) is a technology that’s here to stay. This article discusses the many ways how AI can improve your business regardless of its size or industry vertical: increasing efficiency and productivity; making data-driven business decisions; hiring top talent; empowering employees; improving customer experience; and finally, enhancing online security.

How to Effectively Resolve Business Disputes

Some minor disagreements with your business partner are to be expected, but when it develops into a serious conflict it can damage both your partnership and your business. Here, the author describes some of the more common causes of conflict and how to make the best use of a lawyer if it comes down to needing legal counsel. Finally, he discusses what you can do to proactively avoid disputes by drawing up an agreement that clearly defines everything from each partner’s monetary contribution to the process for dissolving the partnership.