How US Retailers Can Make The Most Of Doing Business In Canada

Canada offers a fertile, lucrative market for U.S. companies. Unfortunately, there have been issues for U.S. retailers when shipping to Canada. Foremost among them are tax issues and resulting border holdups, which are often exacerbated by additional fees for their customers – or their business. In this article, author Terry Van Horne (of Toronto-based Telsec Business Centres) discusses how online retailers can easily circumvent these costly hassles through Canada’s Non-Resident Importer program.

He further details why U.S. companies should look to Canada instead of larger markets, including the relative ease of entry and ranking their e-commerce website in Canadian search engines.

The Types of Small Business Retirement Plans

Whether you’re a solopreneur or have a good number of employees, there are a variety of small business retirement plans to suit your needs. Here, the author discusses the four main types of plans: Self-Employed 401 (k); SEP IRA (which stands for “self-employed pension” and “individual retirement account”); Simple IRA; and lastly, the 401 (k) Plan, which is better for larger companies.

Why You Need to Throw Your Youngest Employees Into the Deep End of the Pool

Are millennials among your employees? The founder of Big Ass Fans, Carey Smith, shares three proven strategies for empowering your young team members by “handing them the keys”: offer a real financial incentive; throw them into the deep end, and let them problem-solve.

How to Get Your First Big Win in Business

In this article, six entrepreneurs share what they did to earn that first pivotal “yes!”. Representing a diverse range of businesses, here is how they got their big break: baiting the hook; following up; telling the truth; over-preparing; getting real; and lastly, taking a risk.

5 Books That Can Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

Did you know that most CEOs read four to five books each month? For those endeavoring to start a business, it is recommended that you learn about the strategies that brought success to business leaders before you. That said, here the author discusses his top five books on entrepreneurship: The Ultimate Sales Machine; Awaken the Giant Within; Measure What Matters; The Lean Startup; and finally, the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People.

5 lessons for building a long-lasting company culture

The author prefaces this article (and the latest episode of Zero to IPO podcast) by saying: “Company culture is hard to define, but it’s woven into everything a company does. It’s the reason employees love or hate their jobs, or customers can feel valued or ignored. Like reputation, it takes years to build a good culture, but only a few missteps to mess it all up.”

He then discusses what four leaders of companies (such as Box and Salesforce) featured in the podcast share about the lessons they learned when creating a culture that builds a team that can go the distance – and create the company all can be proud of: values build a foundation; employees are your megaphone; policies can make or break engagement; cultivating belonging should start on day one; and finally, founders don’t own the culture.

8 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Business

Eight founders and advisors called The Oracles (“a mastermind group for top entrepreneurs”) share what they wish they had known when they were first starting out, from realizing entrepreneurship is a marathon and ensuring there is a demand for your product or service to knowing you won’t get it right the first time and being prepared to pivot.

How to Get Your Startup Noticed at Exhibitions

For many startups, exhibiting and networking at trade shows and industry events plays a key role in getting the word out about their products or services. But often, small and newer startups can have a hard time getting attention in such a hyper-busy, competitive environment.

In this article, the author discusses how to capture the attention of prospects “by introducing your business with style”, from quality exhibition signage and memorable booth staff to interactivity and demonstrations and free giveaways.

Evernote Founder Phil Libin Says These 2 Numbers Are Key to Growing Your Company Without Killing It

In this article, the author interviews Evernote’s chief executive, Phil Libin. He shares how he “networked his way into Silicon Valley by asking smart questions of successful people” such as the founders of Yahoo and Salesforce. He also discusses the best piece of advice about running a business that he ever received, by Hiroshi Mikitani, the founder and CEO of the large Japanese internet company Rakuten. Mikitani advised him to “pay attention to what he calls the rule of 3 and 10, which basically says that every time your company triples in size, everything breaks.”

Scheduling your priorities (and not your time) will supercharge your productivity

While checking off the next task on your to-do list may make you feel accomplished, the list can be a misguided productivity tool. In this article, the author challenges the traditional time management approach to priorities. Beginning “the problem with to-do lists”, she discusses how to schedule your days to achieve peak performance: prioritize what’s important, not what’s urgent; figure out when you work best and use that to your advantage; and lastly, personalize your strategy.