Business Location Strategies for Startups and New SMEs

“In a business environment where search engine visibility is often a key to success, having a business location strategy that maximizes local market exposure and search visibility should be a priority,” the author states. He then provides a few startup scenarios with tips on how to choose the right location and workspace depending on what stage your business may be, as well as local search optimization tips. Regardless of whether your startup is at the basement/garage stage or ready for a traditional or flexible workspace, your location plays a key role in the ranking of your website.

The Startup’s Guide to Completely Dismissing Work-Related Stress

In this article, the author begins with “To develop a business from the ground up is a lot of leg work and long hours — but it doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing process. If you get the basics right from the beginning, you can confidently dismiss work-related stress in the long-run too.” He then discusses five things you can do from the beginning to avoid (or at least minimize) stress, from being “realistic from the get-go about what you can achieve and how much it’s going to cost you” to finding a mentor who can offer an outside perspective.

3 Most Under-Used Leadership Skills, and Why You Need to Develop Them Now

So what leadership skills do you need to develop? The author addresses three at length: attention management; delegation; and coaching. He advises leaders to practice these under-utilized skills over the next three months, saying “you’ll find yourself with much more time on your hands to deal with the important but not urgent aspects of your job”.

Early Adopters are Not Enough to Assure Your Success

Technical entrepreneurs are early adopters of technology, so they tend to build things with people like themselves in mind. But, the author contends, “early adopters represent only 10 to 15 percent of the total opportunity, so it’s easy to get misled on the real requirements of mainstream customers.” This often leads to what the author calls “failing by early adopters”. He then discusses five critical points entrepreneurs should understand to maximize results from both early adopters and mainstream customer adopters, from collecting feedback across the total range of customers to balancing your focus on engineering elegance.

Are Your High Expectations Hurting Your Team?

A study of more than 300 CEOs in 10 countries revealed that approximately 35% of leaders fail because of a tendency toward perfection. The author says this is because “achievement-oriented leaders tend to be chronically dissatisfied.” So while you may think that you’re just pushing to be their best, you actually may be setting them up to fail. Constant pushing can have negative side effects, including employees’ loss of self-confidence and diminished organizational resilience.

The 10 Most Popular Online Courses of 2018, According to Coursera

Coursera, a top continuing education site, has released the annual list of its 10 most popular online courses for 2018. Offered by esteemed universities like Yale, Princeton, and Stanford, as well as top foreign colleges, they range from Machine Learning to Chinese for Beginners.

This Management Legend Just Dropped Some Surprising but Brilliant Advice: Quit Doing Just 1 Thing and You’ll Be a Much Better Leader

Henry Mintzberg, the renowned scholar and Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University in Montreal, selected 42 of the best posts from his popular blog for his new book, Bedtime Stories for Managers. The lesson from one notable story is: “Managing by status and positional authority kills engagement and crushes the souls of organizations”. He then shares several observations of how status damages teams, from managers expecting others to serve them to being rarely accessible.

2019’s Small Business Technology Trends

What tech trends should the small business owner be aware of in 2019? In this post, the author discusses seven. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be tech-savvy, it’s worthwhile to know what the emerging and growing trends are, from live chat and chatbots to an increasing reliance on data and analytics.

50 World-Changing Startups to Watch in 2019

Each year, the New York early-stage investment fund Kairos seeks out new founders who are taking on the world’s most pressing problems. Out of 2,500 early-stage startups from more than 65 countries worldwide, only 50 made the cut. They range from child development to AI (Artificial Intelligence) cybersecurity.