20 Business Ideas You Can Start With Less Than $10,000

If you’re looking start your own business (or your next one), lack of funding can impede your progress. In this deck of 20 slides, the Entrepreneur staff discusses proven low-cost business ideas that have been launched successfully by entrepreneurs, either as a side or full-time hustle.

New Research Reveals 6 Ways Leaders May Be Out of Touch With Their Employees

New research from Gallup shows alarming statistics about employee satisfaction. Here the author discusses in six ways leaders may be out of touch with their employees: 78% of employees don’t believe their leaders have a clear direction for the organization; 74% don’t believe their organization delivers on promises to customers; 88% think their company mishandled their onboarding; 86% don’t think their performance review inspired them to improve; over two-thirds of employees are experiencing burnout; and lastly, half of all employees are looking for another job.

How to redesign your workspace to be your most productive in 2019

Your workspace may be interfering with your intentions without you even knowing it, impacting your satisfaction, mood, performance, and productivity. He the author discusses two steps to take for a more productive year by first matching the space to the task and then striving for comfort.

These 6 Types of Music Are Known to Dramatically Improve Productivity

Research has found that certain types of music can boost productivity. Some types seem to help with learning, while other types “sync with our brain waves to induce ‘eureka moments’”.  The six types are: classical music; nature music; cinematic music; video game music; music with a tempo of 50 to 80 beats per minute; and finally, your favorite music.

5 Key Elements of a Winning Business Strategy Today

The author, having just reviewed book, “The Strategic Leaders’ Roadmap”, distills specific steps that are critical to the success of entrepreneurs today. “It all starts with setting the right company strategy, including these elements”: inspirational statement of purpose and direction; market and customer positioning; customer and employee value propositions; competitive and leadership leverage; and lastly, constant restructuring for future advantage.

How to set (and achieve) goals based on your personality type

Those who are “hard-charging, Type-As” may require a different goal approach to achieving their goals, as opposed to “people who approach goals more methodically and analytically”. Here, the author discusses “how to best set yourself up for success based on your personality traits”, from getting started to staying the course.

Overcoming ‘Expert Bias’ in Order to Innovate

Do you consider yourself an expert in your industry? While being an expert is “an enormous asset in starting and growing a business”, the author says, “staying an expert requires a constant and ongoing search for even better solutions, ideas and customer pain points outside of the individual entrepreneur’s realm of expertise.” Here he discusses three strategies for addressing your expert bias: changing your frame of mind in order to innovate; exposing yourself to different industries to gain insight into solutions for your own; and finally, simply looking backward from your customer’s perspective.

How to redesign your days to give you back a few extra hours every week

This article begins with: “We’ve all got a fixed 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. But in 2019, you can feel like you have more time every week by making different choices about how you allocate your hours.” The author then suggests five time management strategies to let you claim a few extra hours every week, from quitting something that is a time suck to delegating tasks that you don’t really need to do yourself.

5 Proven Ways to Make Your Culture More Innovative

While 84% of leaders consider innovation to be crucial to their future success, far fewer are able to be successful in attempting to do so. Noting that business owners need “to get a lot of things right at once” to accomplish this, the author identifies culture is the most difficult to get right. That said, he then delves into five proven practices you can implement to shape your culture to becoming more innovative: make innovation a part of your strategy; ask everyone for ideas; reward taking responsibility; celebrate learning; and finally, adopt the “Need Seeker” mentality.