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Weekly Business News Roundup

News Roundup for SME Businesses & Startups

7 Ways Startup Businesses Can Protect Their Data Even With a Budget

The author prefaces this article with the disturbing statistic that “45% of small businesses were victimized by cyber attacks such as data breaches, hacks, and malware infections.” But for startups trying to grow on a tight budget, hiring a professional IT and employing data security solutions can be cost-prohibitive.

Here the author discusses seven ways small businesses can protect their data, beginning with recognizing the very real risk of cyber attacks and their consequences, including legal problems, financial loss, and reputation damage. From preventing BYOD (bring your own device) explosion to encrypting sensitive data, these are measures budget-strapped startups can take to avoid being the victim of a cyber attack.

Want to get more done? Add these 8 apps to your phone

In its annual collection of productivity tips from some of the most productive people in business, entertainment, and politics, Fast Company features eight go-to apps they use and recommend. They range from the reading apps Instapaper and Pocket to time-saving email apps Inbox Pause and Shortwhale.

7 Keys to Selecting a Startup Idea That Works for You

The author of this article, Founder and CEO of Startup Professionals, states that a common request he hears from aspiring entrepreneurs is for an assessment of their latest idea. He goes on to say that “the best new idea for any entrepreneur should first be based on their own personal interests, skills, and lifestyle, rather than the characteristics of a given market or technology.”

That said, he discusses seven key considerations for how you should make your own best business idea decision, from picking something you really enjoy doing to enjoying associating with the top people in the business area. He concludes that while finding the balance point in your life’s work is not an easy task, it is critical for long-term success and happiness.

We Grew a Company From 12 to 150 Employees in 4 Years. Here’s What We Did Wrong.

With the purpose of helping other founders see the same bumps in the road before they encounter them, the COO of Hawke Media shares four mistakes his startup made over the past several years as it grew from 12 to 150 employees, as well as the improvements it has made as a result: don’t abuse people’s commitment; don’t confuse strong contributors with leaders; don’t delegate culture and training too soon; and finally, don’t emphasize comfort over productivity.

8 Best Industries for Starting a Business in 2019

If you’re considering starting a business, you may want to consider these eight industry sectors that “are home to tomorrow’s fastest-growing startups”. This year, Inc.’s 2019 “best industries for starting a business” list ranges from micromobility and digital therapeutics to baby tech and workleisure apparel. Each promising venture listed details seven parameters: why it’s hot; skills needed; barriers to entry; the downside; the competition; major players; and lastly, projections for growth.

Bill Gates’s Top 5 Books to Read and Gift This Year

In the eighth posting of Microsoft founder Bill Gates’s roundup of the five books he’s enjoyed over the year on his personal blog, Gates Notes, he recommends a diverse, if not eclectic, selection from 2018. Ranging from a woman’s quest for higher education despite her Mormon survivalist upbringing in Educated to the rise and fall of Theranos in  Bad Blood, the choices may surprise you.

The Best Accounting Practices For Small Businesses

As any financial planner will tell you, accounting is essential for managing your business finances and making sound decisions. Here the author discusses five of the best practices for small business accounting, from simply keeping business and personal accounts separate to the more complex matter of necessary financial documentation, such as drafting income and cash flow statements.

The 9 Biggest – and Most Fascinating – Startup Acquisitions of 2018

While 2017 proved a big year for tech mergers and acquisitions, 2018 broke records for $1 billion+ startup deals. Citing a recent survey by Deloitte, the author says the world’s largest tech firm executives have “unprecedented spending power”, and “are only gearing up for more” acquisitions over the next year.  She then shares the nine biggest startups acquisitions of 2018, from Amazon’s acquisition of Ring to German enterprise software giant SAP’s acquisition of the customer-survey company The Provo.

It’s Official: Customers Prefer Sustainable Companies

The latest Nielsen report, How and Why Sustainability is Gaining Momentum with Customers, revealed that “products with sustainability claims generally outperformed the growth rate of total products in their respective categories”. The study’s findings confirm that people prefer sustainable products and technologies from sustainable companies that reduce their carbon footprint.


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