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Weekly Business News Roundup

News Roundup for SME Businesses & Startups

Clever Capital: 5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Save Money

Periods of financial instability are often unavoidable for small business owners, especially those who are just launching their business. Here are five tips to help you save money, a few of which are directed specifically to startups:

Be Smart with Workspaces: Renting a serviced or virtual office rather than leasing an expensive commercial office can significantly reduce your overhead costs.

Check Out Government Initiatives: There are many government initiatives available that are worth your while to explore before launching your business.

Utilize Virtual Staff: Rather than hiring an in-house administrative assistant or other support staff, look into virtual staffing options that can save you considerable operational and HR costs.

Know Your Requirements: Be sure to know your federal, state, and local tax obligations and obtain the permits and licenses required, lest you run into avoidable legal or bureaucratic expenses.

Network, Network, Network: Get involved in a professional network that can support you, and refer your products or services.

Is Your Brand Really Ready to Expand?

“Expanding a brand is a more complex undertaking than many entrepreneurs concede,” the author notes, continuing, “It requires a true three-point understanding of the brand’s positioning and architecture.” The three points he refers to are detailed: understand your business motives and the ability to expand; understand your basis for expansion; and lastly, identify what you bring (not just what you want to sell).

How & Why Big Business Will Drive Coworking Office Space Growth

The demand for coworking office space isn’t confined to millennials (or millennial employees), as larger businesses and corporations are realizing substantial cost savings and increased productivity from leasing coworking (and flexible) space rather than traditional, commercial office space. According to the 2018 Global Coworking Survey Forecast, 1.7 million people will be working in approximately 19,000 coworking spaces around the world by the end of the year. What’s more, a sizeable 29% of coworking spaces have been opened over the last year. Does this sound the death knell for traditional offices?

OK, Open-Plan Offices Kill Collaboration, But at Least They Keep You From Sitting All Day

No one can seem to agree on whether open-plan offices kill or promote team collaboration and innovation, but new research has found that employees in open spaces move more and are less stressed. Noting that “maybe it’s time to admit there is no one ideal office type,” the author states that “not only do different companies and teams have different needs, but there isn’t even a singular thing called an ‘open-plan office.’” Her advice is to “talk to your people and observe their needs,” then “find a space that matches those.”

Tips for Working with or Managing Remote Teams

It can be demanding to work with and manage a remote team: communication can be skewed, deadlines can slip through the cracks, and general workflow can be difficult. Here are five tips for those working with or managing remote teams, from using video meetings as often as possible to taking the time to get a “virtual coffee.”

Fiscal Adversity Will Challenge You – Here’s How to Overcome It

It’s easy to get complacent when the overall economic indicators look rosy, and it’s also easy to forget that recessions cycle through the economy fairly regularly. According to the New York Times, they cycle through around every five years on average, and according to the finance website The Balance, a recession will likely happen in the next two or three years.

The author of this article stresses the importance for CEOs to get ahead of any business model problems, and “measure and manage your operating costs and cash flow.” He then shares three ways to ensure your business will succeed regardless of the economy: don’t be afraid of accounting losses; don’t run your business like a charity; and lastly, explore different supplier options.

5 Steps for Protecting Yourself from Copyright Infringement

Entrepreneurs are often the victim of copyright infringement. Here the author details five steps to protect yourself and legally challenge someone who is attempting to steal your original idea and hard work, from checking your registration status to taking them to court.

16 Actions to Take to Achieve Any Goal

“Get clear on your vision, make your plan, take action, reassess and then revise. Never fails.”

This sums the 16 actions to take to reach your goals, whether in business or simply life. The author states that we often fail to reach our goals, “because we’re all human and can be easily distracted.” His 16 actionable tips start with envisioning your overarching goals and ends with celebrating your successes each step of the way.

Siri Agrell Named Managing Director of OneEleven Toronto

The former director of strategic initiatives for Toronto’s mayor, Siri Agrell, has been named OneEleven Toronto’s new managing director. In this capacity, she will lead OneEleven’s efforts to assist in the growth and success of scaleup tech companies. She is quoted as saying that she is looking forward to helping OneEleven in “providing the support [scaleup companies] need to draw investment, talent, and customers while ensuring that our organization and our city remain at the forefront of the global tech economy.”

OneEleven Toronto was founded in 2013 and has recently expanded beyond Toronto to include Ottawa and Vancouver, with the goal of opening 10 additional hubs around the world. It announced in June that it was doubling its Toronto presence, making it one of the largest hubs worldwide focused exclusively on supporting promising, high-growth tech startups.

10 Best Event Management Software: 2018 Reviews & Pricing

Planning a B2B event or corporate training seminar? Regardless of the purpose, it’s essential to provide a positive experience for attendees, and an integral part of that task is to choose the right event management software to meet your event goals. Here, the author reviews the top 10 event management software for 2018. Each is given an overview, as well as the specifics about usability and features, including pricing, average rating, and deployment (i.e. all are cloud-hosted, but vary as to an open API or “on premises”).

He advises that the criteria you should use in selecting the best software for your event should be based on the value the solution can bring to your event (as opposed to features per se), and concludes with a set of trending event management tools to explore, from lead capturing apps and live polling to push notifications and VR/AR solutions and wearables.


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