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Weekly Business News Roundup

News Roundup for SME Businesses & Startups

Using Google Trends To Find & Assess The Right Keyword To Market Your Workspace

So why is there greater interest in the term “coworking” than “office space” in Google search? Regardless of your niche, you’ll want to take a look at this guide by our marketing manager (and SEO expert) on how to use Google Trends to determine how people and companies in workspace markets are searching for and finding office space, then apply it to your own primary keyword. Actionable insights include how to use modifiers in your content to achieve higher visibility for your business in search results, and how to use the Google Trend tool to filter and break down data in several ways to prioritize SEO tasks, identify new audiences, and develop an informed content strategy.

How to Grow Your Startup Internationally

Ready to extend your reach to new markets beyond your borders? Careful planning is the watchword. You’ll want to do market research to determine which countries have the most potential for customers who are best suited for your product or service. Here, it might be a good idea to hire a team member, partner or agency that can offer localized expertise so you can customize your marketing and communications. You’ll also want to consult with experts specializing in international law, finance and insurance requirements. Networking with regional and municipal trade organizations can yield support in the way of aid and resources. Finally, you’ll want to research the most favorable exchange rates on international money transfers, especially for large start-up transactions.

Canada to hold key 5G spectrum auction in 2020, says Innovation Minister Bains

At the Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto Wednesday, Canadian Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains said that the government will auction 3,500 megahertz wireless spectrum for fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks in 2020. Industry players, particularly Telus, have called for the spectrum’s auction to be held in 2019 to keep pace with other countries, as smartphone makers develop devices capable of using 5G networks. Bains is quoted by the CBC as saying that holding the auction in 2020 will put Canada in a strong position relative to its international peers: “We will still be ahead of Australia and Germany and will be (among) the top five countries when it comes to making spectrum available for 5G.” Mobile 5G wireless technology is up to 100 times faster than the 4G system, as has potential applications for new technology, as well as self-driving cars.

Do This to Effectively Narrow Scope and Trim the Fat Off Your Next Development Project

In any software or mobile app development project, it’s crucial to have a clearly defined scope of work (SOW), or you run the risk of wasting expensive development dollars, slowing down the build, and stalling your own revenue model. You’re tasked with managing uncertainty in doing so, as a SOW doesn’t account for an unsustainable market or negative user feedback, let alone changes or new information. Instead of monitoring scope, focus on how you prioritize your development efforts from start to finish, whether it’s to cut waste, optimize speed, or maintain a tight budget. Other ways to manage scope are about open communication with clear expectations, and establishing attainable goals early and often.

This behavioral designer’s top brain hacks for beating distraction

The author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products,” Nir Eyal, has spent years studying how startups can build products that people don’t want to put down. Now he’s saying that sometimes, they need to be put down. In his upcoming book “Indistractable: How to Master the Skill of the Century,” Eyal argues that it’s possible to master the internal triggers that are distracting us as well as the external ones, beginning with our brains. His two primary hacks? First, identify and understand internal triggers by noting and studying the sensation (the emotion) behind your distraction; and second, reduce distractions with pacts, notably among them a self-imposed “Ulysses pact,” in which you make a pact with yourself that locks you into a given task for given amount of time.

Want to Boost Sales? Check out These 4 Free Ecommerce Tools.

If you operate an online store, you already know how much work it is. Here are four free tools to supercharge your ecommerce site with tips on how to use them: MailChimp is an email marketing service for your lead generation and promotional campaigns, and is the only software that offers a forever free plan with automation; HubSpot CRM (customer relationship management) is an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage your sales and marketing process from one dashboard, and comes with a forever free plan; Nelio AB Testing is a powerful WordPress plug-in that comes with a free trial, allowing you to A/B (split) test your pages; and Elementor is a page-builder WordPress plug-in that allows you to design custom layouts and web pages (no coding or design expertise needed) as your site grows.

This Is the Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make in Their Finances

The biggest financial mistake an entrepreneur makes? Making emotional rather than objective decisions with a long-term perspective. Using the example of an entrepreneur deciding on whether to purchase a big ticket item, the author describes a three step process:

1. How much money is in your bank account;

2. How much money is coming into your business during the next 30 days; and

3. How you’re feeling at that moment in time.

While the outcome might be good, much of it is left to chance. Instead of focusing on your short-term cash flow, get a clear understanding of your financial projections and lead generation so you can scale your business.

5 alternatives to try when traditional goal-setting methods don’t work

As with most everything else in life, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, hack or technique for goal setting. Here are five common goal-setting methods and corresponding alternatives to try in their stead:

  1. Instead of setting S.M.A.R.T. (“specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely”) goals, try asking yourself “Did I do my best?”
  2. Instead of beginning with the end in mind, try starting some goals in the middle of the process.
  3. Instead of focusing on changing your habits, try adopting a mantra.
  4. Instead of setting yearlong goals, try setting 90-day goals.
  5. Instead of trying to fix a problem, try optimizing what’s already right in your life.

Managers, don’t make these mistakes when you onboard your new hire

As the boss, you play a critical role in setting your new employees up for success. If not properly trained, they can cost your business a considerable amount of money. That said, the author lists five mistakes bosses make when bringing on a new team member and the way to fix each problem, from not preparing your team for their new coworker to not training new hires on the “soft skills” central to your company culture and etiquette.

Looking for Better Candidates? Upgrade Your HR Department With These High-Tech Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its way to the HR department with tools to get more interested applicants, make hiring less of a time suck, and more objectively and predictively size up talent. For getting more interested applicants, there are AI “matchmakers” such as and Vettery, an automated way to advertise available positions, a Google recruiting tool called Candidate Discovery aimed at small and medium-size businesses, and tools that help you find passive candidates. For making hiring less of a time suck, there are chatbots and an HR assistant, and for a better way to size up talent, there’s AI tools that use algorithms to help you “clone your top performers,” predict a candidate’s job performance, remove unconscious bias from your hiring decisions, and objectively test candidates’ skills.

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