It seems that today is another one of those days that no one bothered to advertise or tell anyone about.  It is National Popcorn Day, yes, you read that correctly National Popcorn Day. Today is a day to celebrate popcorn and all the wonderful ways of enjoying that fluffy treat. The funny thing is that according to October is National Popcorn Month.  As I look out of my Toronto office space window, I am looking up Yonge Street to see the National Popcorn Day Parade, but I guess the parade may have been earlier today.  That is okay if I missed it, because I am looking forward to Carmel Popcorn Day on April 17th.  I may have to organize my own Carmel Popcorn Day parade or at least some sort of celebration.

For today, why not celebrate National  Popcorn Day by grabbing  a bag of popcorn and microwave it. At Telsec there are two fully equipped kitchens complete with microwave ovens to heat up your lunch or microwave some popcorn.

As a true coffee lover, I was not able to find an “International Coffee Day” or an “International Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee Day” , but I am sure the coffee companies will come out with that soon. I know that at Telsec, every day is “International Coffee Day” for me, as the coffee and tea are always complimentary and the selection of teas and coffees are abundant (including decaffeinated coffee, flavored coffees and even special blends of tea’s).

Just remember that at Telsec office space Toronto  the coffee, tea and filtered water are always complimentary.