I read that today is National Boss Day. It is a good idea to have a boss appreciation day, but what if you are self employed? Do you pat yourself on the back?

Some will say that your clients are the boss, but in their case every day is client appreciation day. Every day entrepreneurs work for their clients and give them all they can.

When I look around my office space Toronto, I see two main types of people. Those who are entrepreneurs and those who are operating a branch office for a foreign based company. For the most part, most of these people are their own bosses.  Yes, even the people who work or represent foreign companies are essentially their own boss.  They are accountable to the head office, but they run the Toronto branch office like it is their own.

Examples of client appreciation day can be seen every day at my downtown Toronto office space, these are demonstrated by the amazing support staff who answer the phones and make the complimentary coffee. Maybe there needs to be a support staff appreciation day. I think I will take it upon myself and bring in Tim Bits for the amazing support staff in my office space for lease Toronto.