Every once in awhile, but more frequently lately, my home Internet connection has had some problems. The problems are not with my home network, but with my ISP. When my home internet connection is working, it is amazing that I can work from home and even remotely on my computer at my office space Toronto.

Today was one of those days when I could not get onto the Internet at home. I had a great deal of work to do that could easily be done from my home office, so I decided to skip the holiday shopping traffic jams and just work from home. When I went to upload my work from home, I could not seem to connect to the Internet. I tried to reboot my computer and that did not work, so I tried to reboot my modem and that caused even more problems. After trying the steps that the first level of support would tell me to do, I finally called my ISP, I got an automated message that told me the problem was not localized to my home network, the problem was city wide. I had wasted almost two hours trying to fix my Internet problem and it turns out the problem was with my ISP and not with my settings. I spent an additional 35 minutes on hold, just to find out when the problem would be resolved.

From this experience, I realized that I could have transferred the files to a flash drive and driven down to my downtown Toronto office space to upload them in a fraction of the time that it took me to figure out that my Internet problem was not going to be solved quickly. I should have been smart and just driven down to my office space in a smart building where I have high speed internet access on the backbone of the Internet and not through a local ISP that is just a reseller of internet services.