For most of the next month, millions of people around the world will be glued to television sets and computer screens watching 32 nation teams compete in South Africa for the most coveted trophy in the sports world , the FIFA World Cup.

World Cup fever has even reached my Toronto office space! I am working in the office on this Saturday afternoon and so are a bunch of other office space Toronto clients. What is interesting today is that there are some people I am used to seeing in suits dressed casually, some even wearing t-shirts and jerseys that support their FIFA World Cup team. When I walked past one of the Toronto meeting rooms, the door was open and a small group of people were sitting around a laptop computer watching the match between England and the USA.

Even when I left my office space Toronto, there were many cars on the streets with Argentina flags driving the streets honking their horns. I was just glad to get home before the next game is over and more cars hit the streets to celebrate the latest win by their team.

Toronto being one of the world’s most multicultural cities, with the most diverse populations made up of people from almost every country in the world, this next month is going to be very interesting… I will have the G20 and the FIFA World Cup to blog about.