This past 4 days have been crazy for me, not only did I need to find a new place to live, but I had to find a place within hours and not days due the urgency of my living situation changing. I was fortunate that a friend knew of a place that was available, that was within my budget and closer to my downtown office space than my previous place.

This move has been the hardest move I have known. Being a long weekend, it was not only hard to find friends who did not already have plans or that were going out of town, to ask for assistance with this move.

Finding a truck was even more impossible, so the moving of boxes were done in several carloads. As boxes were packed, they were loaded in the car. As soon as the car was full, we would take a trip to the new place. With several carloads moved, it was time to start to move some furniture. Luckily a friend with a pickup truck had a few hours to spare on Saturday afternoon to take a few loads of furniture. Sunday and Monday were spent taking the final carloads of boxes and clothing from the old place to the new place.

It was after the move was finally done that I realized how much of a complete opposite this move was to the short notice office space move that I had done when I found my current office. When I moved into my Toronto furnished office downtown, I did not have to worry about a thing, the helpful staff at Telsec office business centres made it a very smooth move in.

When I moved into Telsec, all I had to do is bring my computer and files into my furnished office space. Once my computer was set up, a Telsec staff member was able to help me get set up on the network. Within minutes I was able to connect to the the various photocopier machines, including a colour laser copier. By lunch time I was receiving phone calls from clients taken by the professional receptionist and my calls were being transferred to my office space Toronto.