Thursday being the first of November and the day after Halloween, one would expect the coffee room talk at our office space Toronto to be about Halloween and the costumes that either their kids wore or the ones that showed up at the door trick or treating. Nope not this year! It seems the discussion was focused on Movember and how people were going to participate.

Yes, it’s Movember, the month of sprouting moustaches to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. Every November in Canada since 2004, Canadians have joined the Movember movement that is responsible for the growth of thousands of moustaches on men’s faces around the world. The purpose is to raise money and awareness of prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives. This year Movember has arrived at office space Toronto with a fury.

Originally Movember was started in Australia in 2003 and it aimed to get men, known as “Mo Bros,” to start November 1 with a clean upper lip and begin to grow a moustache during the month. Toronto office space clients can raise funds by seeking sponsors or entering competitions – as well as sparking awareness and starting conversations about male health.

With the support of women who are referred to as “Mo Sistas,” “Mo Bros” have raised millions of dollars. One “Mo Sista” tenant at Telsec’s office for rent Toronto has said she will wear a fake moustache in and around the office space for the entire month if she can get pledges of $20 from 20 people.

No matter the country, city or office space location, Movember continues to work to change established attitudes that men have about their health. The other core reason for Movember is to educate men about the health risks they face, and to act on that knowledge, thereby increasing the chances of early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment.

It is going to get very interesting around our office space Toronto as the days go by and moustaches begin to grow. This will be especially true as some people are entering contests for the fastest growing moustache and and the most interesting design or trimming.