Mothers Day weekend has been hard for me for the past many years. My own mother passed away a few years ago and it saddens me to think that she is no longer around to spend it with her. The Mothers Day weekend is also sad for me as it was the Friday before Mothers Day (May 11 1997) that my first wife Janet passed away. So instead of celebrating, I find myself reflecting about my mother and my late wife.

After I got home from my downtown Toronto office space on Thursday I got an email telling me that The Telsec office space Toronto website had been hacked and was being blocked by Google. I spent several hours trying to isolate the problem and resolve it. After trying to isolate the problem I remembered that I had a clean version of the site on my computer and uploaded it. That still did not resolve the problem. It turns out that the problem with the static content of the executive suites Toronto website was not the biggest problem, but this blog was the bigger problem.

I spent several more hours on Friday dealing with cleaning up the problems with the blog that I did not have a local back up of. I was able to download the word press blog files into a new directory file and find the problems before re-uploading them to fix the problems. Then it was a matter of informing Google that I had fixed the problems and wait for them give this Toronto office space blog a clean bill of health to remove their warning.

It was not until this morning that I could see that all the warnings had been removed and that the site was re-opened to visitors. My disaster recovery plan for the Telsec website worked. I had a clean regular back up that I could easily upload in case of an emergency. Now I know I also need to have a plan for the blog.

This year, the events that have occurred on this Mothers Day weekend have kind of helped me to be distracted from my sadness, but after resolving them, the sad feelings returned. So instead of wallowing in my sadness I decided to write about the incident and pay homage to my mom and my late wife.

My Mom was an awesome lady, she was there for me as a child and as an adult. When I was a child, she was always there for me and always encouraged me to do what I dreamed of doing. She was active in my life and my school life. She even volunteered her time at my school helping teachers and other staff. She continued this for years after I graduated out of primary school. When I entered to an exchange program in high school German class, it was my mom who persuaded my dad to allow a kid from Germany to stay with us for 4 weeks.

Now about Janet. I met Janet at a pub one night and began dating her. Problem was I was also dating another girl, who I liked equally. I tried to date both girls and they both knew that I was also dating the other.  After a short time, I realized that Janet was the one and broke off with the other girl. A year later I was married to Janet and life together was awesome. Janet was my soul mate and gave me a reason to be the creative person that I am. A year and a half into our marriage Janet (who was epileptic) had a massive seizure in her sleep and passed away.

Through some therapy and hard work, I am able to talk about and deal with the losses I have encored on a personal level, but I deal with them when special anniversary dates come around.