You can Maximize your office space usage, in a mineralized office space,  without minimizing your office staff.

As computer hardware and software applications advance and get more sophisticated and having the ability of being portable and remotely accessed, the fewer employees that are needed to be physically at the office. Remote access solutions and telecommunications  technology are breeding a new office environment in which not everyone needs to work from the office and more people can work anywhere at any time.
Some companies still need the same staffing levels, but the overhead of housing their staff is what prevents them from keeping all their current staff.

With the advances in technologies in telecommuting, an employee’s office space can be in their home, in their car, in a hotel, or even at their cottage. It is often heard that while some people thrive at working in the environment of their choice, there is still a need for employees of a company to have the social interaction with other employees and supervisors to keep the focus of the tasks and responsibilities they are required to perform. They need to feel they have office space at the companies facility, even if it is a shared office arrangement.

Telsec business office centres can offer creative office solutions for companies looking to adopt telecommuting as part of their office space reduction. Consider having your company in an office space or spaces that can be used for several types of uses and levels of hierarchical needs. You only pay for the office space you need, you tell our receptionist who is where and when they are there or at their home office and we take care of directing their calls to them wherever they are.

Your company could have furnished and telecommunications ready offices  (including telephones) that could accommodate:
* Up to 20 employees doing call centre work in one team space
* 10  to 20 sales executives sharing another office space on a rotating basis
* A few single or double occupancy executive office spaces
* One or two executive corner offices

All for a fraction of the cost of a single floor in any other downtown office buiding, without the infrastructure costs of equipment and technology.

Maybe your company is not this big, Telsec and their team can find a way to give your company the space you need for the employees you have and even help you to develop strategies for minimizing your physical space without minimizing your staff.