The things you learn when you line up for coffee at Tim Hortons at the fourth floor cafeteria of the Toronto Star building. Yes I can have free coffee and tea at my downtown office space, but sometimes it is a social thing to stop at Tim Hortons in my office space Toronto.

Has it really been 35 years of Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight?. She has been known far and wide for her great legs and youthful looks on the long-running Hollywood gossip style TV show Entertainment Tonight. Now at 59, she is stepping down from the anchor helm. It is hard to believe that show has been on for 35 years

Looking at her today, I can’t believe Mary Hart’s 59 years old. I want to question my sources and believe that she is more like 49.

When Mary Hart leaves Entertainment Tonight, she will leave behind a legacy of style and professionalism that will not be soon matched. Other female Hollywood gossip anchors who have tried to follow her formula of looks, legs, and diction, but none have even come close. She is the the only tv host who can make a man actually watch anything to do with Kate Gosselin, her eight kids and now dead beat husband.

The great thing about my downtown Toronto office is that I can choose to have free coffee or go down to the 4th floor and buy Tim Hortons. Having choices is always great. When friends ask about my office, I tell them I selected it because of the many options it offered and the great location.