With NCAA (US college) basketball championship underway, March Madness has began. The NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Championship is a single elimination tournament held each spring in the United States, featuring 65 college basketball teams, both conference champions and at-large selections.  While The phrase “March Madness” was coined by Henry V. Porter in 1939 to describe an Illinois high school basketball tournament. In 1982 Brent Musburger used the term “March Madness” to describe the madness of the single elimination tournament style that is used in the Men’s Division 1 College Basketball Championship. Another term used to describe this playoff tournament is “The Big Dance”

This tournament will determine who the “sweet Sixteen” teams that fight for a place in the “Final Four” of NCAA basketball.  This tournament is so special because it is the complete opposite of every other major playoff tournament. It thrives on the little guy, or the underdog, wreaking havoc on the much favored teams. With all the unexpected upsets, this is why most sports book operations make a majority of their years work off people making the wrong bet.  This year Kansas, Duke, Kentucky and Syracuse were given top seeds for the 2010 NCAA Tournament, but the sport bookies are hoping they are heavily bet on and a underdog team will take them out.

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