There are TV shows about fashion and home makeovers, but there are few shows that will do a makeover for your small business. Well, you could try to get an investment from a Dragon or a Shark. But that will only change the economics of your business and give someone else the power to change your dream. Here are some tips from our webmaster that you can play with and use as you like.

• Create your own business makeover show that features your business. Buy an inexpensive HD video camera and document what changes you are making to make your business better. Edit those videos and put them on YouTube. If you post something interesting, you will get likes for your video and attention from prospective customers.

• Make a fun video about your product or service. Not a funny video that makes fun of your product or service, but one that makes others see the humour in what you are trying to do to make your product interesting.

• Produce a parody of one of those popular television shows that showcases your product or service. These types of videos can often go viral on YouTube and can get you the attention you need to keep growing your business. Potential customers may find them.

• While funny videos are fun, do a serious documentary on your YouTube channel. Your funny videos will get the initial interest, but your serious documentary is what will help sell your product or service to those who truly want it or need it.

• Lastly, keep it real. Whether you do a serious or funny video, do not oversell what your do with false promises. It is always better to under-sell and over-deliver. Your customers will promote you when you over deliver, not when you oversell.