How Telsec is Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Workspace

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Telsec Business Centres has been open 24/7, continuing to support all our clients throughout this unprecedented time to ensure we all remain safe and your business continues to operate. Our new space is the only coworking space in Toronto created after COVID-19 and has been updated with a high quality venting system and environmentally tested by a qualified environmental site assessment company. It also features wireless technology and services, energy efficient HVAC with HEPA filter and lighting systems, 24 hour security card access to the building and the space.

A Workplace vaccination policy is required for those coming into the offices at 18 King Street East, suite 1400. Those coming into the office need to provide proof of vaccination. If you are unable to be fully vaccinated for a medical reason, you need to show a written document from a physician or nurse practitioner.

Telsec is currently offering offices for Half the price to accommodate social distancing:
We are currently altering our office rates to accommodate the unprecedented requirements for people to work in a healthy and safe environment. Offices that normally accommodate 5 people, we are altering it to accommodate 2 to 3 people to ensure proper 2m/6 foot distancing.

We’re adhering and staying up to date with all provincial guidelines

We’re cleaning all client and communal spaces daily

We’re prioritizing personal space by providing half price private office spaces

Telsec Safety and Social Distancing Protocols

  • Most importantly, you could act normally in your own private office space
  • Social distancing of 2m/6 feet must be maintained at all times
  • We require all clients to wear masks in the common areas
  • We require all clients to wash their hands or you may use new gloves when utilizing the common equipment i.e. printers, doors, kitchen equipment, etc.
  • We require all clients to follow the building protocols i.e. no more than 4 people are allowed in the elevators at one time
  • We will provide sanitizer in all common areas, meeting rooms, training rooms
  • No more than two people at a time in the washrooms
  • We will not be providing coffee service. However, you may make your own coffee utilizing Telsec’s kitchen facilities or Tim Hortons is located on the main floor of the building
  • Fridge may be used to store your lunch/meal for the day
  • We will not allow people to congregate in the common areas
  • Washrooms will be cleaned three times per day
  • Cleaning will continue to be done daily but more frequently in the common areas

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly and will be in touch.

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