Why a Mail Service is Better Than a P.O. Box as Your Business Address?

April 2nd, 2014|Comments Off on Why a Mail Service is Better Than a P.O. Box as Your Business Address?

Every once in a while the topic of P.O. Boxes being bad for business comes up. The reason for this is that consumers and businesses alike are often hesitant about dealing with a business that does not have an actual business address. Business-to-business dealings are all about knowing where to find your vendor and seeing that the vendor has credibility. Some businesses that use smaller vendors, freelance consultants, or want to work with a start-ups understand that some businesses are home-based operations. When they see a company is using a P.O. Box, they often question the professionalism of that business. When consumers are looking to do business, they are looking to find a company they can trust and be able to reach quickly. Often when dealing with businesses for higher-priced services or products, seeing the business address as a P.O. Box will create questions in the minds of consumers and […]

Virtual Office Toronto is Better Than a P.O. Box

September 15th, 2011|6 Comments

When a client or potential customer sees a P.O. Box address on a business card, they start to wonder who they are dealing with or what a person is hiding. For many years most small businesses that did not have an office space would rent a P.O. Box so that they would not have to give out their home address as their business address. Today many entrepreneurs have discovered that having a virtual office is better than a P.O. Box because it is a real business address. There are many reasons why a virtual office Toronto is better than a P.O. Box. One reason is that you can meet a client at your Toronto virtual office and they believe that you really have a physical office space at this location. Unlike a P.O. Box address virtual offices are located in real office spaces that have meeting rooms and boardrooms so you can meet with […]