So you had a great business idea – but what happened to it? Did you forget your core idea or did you get distracted? Small business owners are easily distracted by other plans or ideas primarily because of  the media they follow. That great idea they had may have been that “next great idea,” but they got distracted by something that might have sounded better at that particular time.

We live in a time where social media influences us on a daily basis, but we often forget about our best ideas and most promising business strategies because social media. Remember, innovations occur because of new ideas that small business owners and entrepreneurs come up with.

If you are a true entrepreneur or small business owner, you maintain your focus and continue to make your product or idea better and better. You also keep a close eye on your competition, making sure their products never out-perform or exceed yours on any level. You are the person in charge of improving your company and its products and services. Period.

When you lose focus on the key elements of your small business, it is you that has lost your vision – no one else! Take a few steps back from time to time and review where you are going, or where you think you are going. Where you “think” you are going may not be the proper direction for your business to be headed.

Take a deep breath, look at your competitors and the existing marketplace, and try to imagine where you want your business to be one or two years from now. Then formulate a critical path and stick to those objectives.