Dove Men+Care

Dove Men+Care.

Let’s talk about a few things that are often not talked about in the business world – stress and men’s skin care. After a recent visit to the Dove Men+Care booth at the Beaches Jazz Festival, this writer learned about the benefits of a facial massage and men’s cleansing products first hand. The people from Dove for Men brought in Anka, “the countess” from Mankind grooming studio for men to demonstrate their products and give men facials in their Dove Men + Care Perfect Shave/Man Maintenance Booth on Queen street. It was an awesome experience that this writer will be going back for at the Mankind studio. I will also try some of the Dove products at home.

This experience got this writer thinking how little is written about our largest organ (yes, your skin, medically referred to as the epidermis, is an organ) and how we need to relieve the stress from from skin just as much as we do our other organs such as our heart, lungs and liver. Various articles talk about how, when the immune function of skin is compromised, its ability to fight off external invaders and suppress damaged cells before they multiply is also compromised. When any organ is compromised, our stress levels are increased – so why not take care of the largest organ than makes our body work?

Ok, by now (if you are a regular reader of our blog) you are asking what this has to do with office space or running a small business at an office business centre. Well, Telsec Business Centres cares about not only the financial well being of its office-space clients; it also cares for the physical well being of its clients too. While the soaps used in the bathrooms are provided by the building, Telsec has a say in the products that are provided in the bathrooms utilized by their tenants and guests.

Happy and healthy office tenants are good for business. Being an office business centre, Telsec strives to take the stress out of Toronto office space for its client tenants by providing serviced offices that tenant does not have to worry about running. Telsec clients only need to concentrate on the important business functions of growing their business.

If our audience wishes, we will do a series of blogs on stress and the workplace. We want to provide as much help as we can for our clients and one of the biggest barriers to business is stress.