As this blogger watched the opening ceremonies of 2010 Olympic game (yes on TV, because I could not get press credentials as the Telsec Blogger) I was impressed by the artistic show that was put on. Then came the parade of nations. I was a little confused by some of the nations who entered one or two athletes. I know that there is no winter in Africa or Australia, so where do these people train?

This is a chance for Canada to show the world how multicultural it is, as some of the athletes from many of these obscure countries are actually from Canada and have gone back to the homelands of their parents and grand parents, just so they could compete at these games.

Since I was watching on the opening ceremonies on TV, I got the privilege of also seeing the commercials. One commercial that stood out the most to me was the commercial for the province of Ontario.  The message was that Ontario is where Canada works. While the Olympics are in Canada’s playground, Ontario is where Canada works.

There is no place that represents where Canada works like Telsec. Toronto office space at Telsec is where many companies choose to grow their business.

Your company could be a Olympic gold medal class company, if you had an office at the number one address on Canada’s most recognized street, Yonge Street.