First there was the cola war between Coke and Pepsi, then there was the burger war of Wopper versus Big Mac, now its the coffee war of McDonalds versus Tim Hortons.

Over the past few years, McDonalds has been stepping up their game when it comes to coffee in order to compete with Tim Hortons. McDonalds took big steps when they introduced their premium blend CafeeRoast, a 100% Arabica coffee and not a blend. Blind taste test after taste test, McDonalds was being chosen hands down over Tim Hortons and Starbucks. But this was not helping them win the coffee war by having the better tasting coffee, they needed to get people to truly try it for themself.

For the first two weeks of March McDonalds started handing out free coffee at any time of day, no purchase required. This just happens to coincide with Tim Hortons 24th annual “Roll Up The Rim” contest. Who will win this coffee war between these two giants is anyone’s guess.

In just a short while the latest round in the coffee war will be over and they will start planning the next round. At Telsec’s office space Toronto, the coffee war continues. This coffee war is not over McDonalds versus Tim Hortons, but which Telsec coffee is better. Some will tell you the regular coffee is great, but others will tell you that the hazelnut vanilla is much better. The biggest winner of this coffee war is the Toronto office space clients, as they can get their coffee right down the hall and do not have to go to an underground food court to get a cup of coffee. Oh and if you are new to this blog, I should tell you the biggest bonus. At Telsec Toronto office space for rent, the coffee and tea are always complimentary.